Accounting for nearly one-fifth of the U.S. economy, healthcare has increasingly become the focus of conversation among corporate, consumer and political audiences. Sunwest Communications has a long history of helping healthcare and medical organizations navigate the new marketplace. We help them bring their messages of action, breakthroughs, transparency and outcomes into clearer focus.

We have first-hand knowledge of this complicated market as our leadership has led various hospital boards, professional and industry healthcare associations, and the board of a publicly-traded healthcare services company. Our professional staff has provided strategic PR and marketing guidance to major Texas healthcare and hospital networks, specialty physician groups, healthcare technology, health insurance and veterans' health, as well as national and regional non-profits that are tackling some of the most significant health crises of our time such as Alzheimer's, breast cancer, heart disease and mental health.

In addition, we have served as the public relations counsel for many innovators in the field —researchers, fundraisers, new business and advocacy groups. Our work on their behalf covers a broad section of the healthcare industry, among them:

  • Developing and implementing a statewide advocacy campaign for a major Texas foundation to help familiarize the state legislature on public mental health issues and services.
  • Providing PR assistance to the management of a major public hospital system during a time when it was transitioning to a new board, management and facility.
  • Serving as PR strategists and counsel for several well-known healthcare non-profits involved in fundraising, advocacy, screening and research.
  • Developing crisis communication protocols for a company establishing specialized healthcare clinics throughout the nation and another providing long-term memory care.
  • Providing marketing communications support for other organizations providing addiction and mental health services.
  • Managing an integrated PR and marketing program for an all-inclusive diagnostic and therapeutic clinic serving families and children affected by a variety of disorders including ADHD, autism, communication, sensory-motor, mental health and learning disabilities. 

Real Estate

With broad client experience spanning the entire industry – from top developers, investors and brokers to architects, construction firms and engineers – we have a strong knowledge of the market, deep understanding of the media and a firm grasp of the business.

For example, we are the agency of record for one of America’s leading commercial real estate and investment firms. For more than a decade, we have secured local, regional and national coverage for the more than 50 commercial real estate projects across the nation. These projects include high-profile mixed use developments and corporate headquarters and regional offices for Fortune 500 companies.

We have worked with retail developers and owners and implemented a smart approach to social media as well as marketing and media relations that yielded impressive leasing gains, impacted deal flow and garnered community support. We helped open and expand three Dallas area shopping and entertainment developments for a national shopping center developer. For an international development group, we are helping them reposition and expand a major office and retail complex in downtown Dallas.

One of the largest independent architecture and engineering firms relies on us to further establish them as industry thought leaders through byline placements and project features in key trade and mass media.

Similarly, we have developed and implemented media relations programs for real estate investment firms and helped them introduce their funds to the investment community.

Corporate and
Crisis Communication

Sunwest’s corporate and crisis communications expertise helps companies communicate with their key audiences, from employees and local communities to suppliers and customers. Whether it involves a new market, a legal issue, an acquisition or the closure of a facility, our goal is to help companies listen and respond to diverse interests.

We’ve designed and executed thought leadership programs, strategic media relations programs, employee and customer communications and social media plans to raise our clients’ awareness and reputation, while fostering a dialogue with key constituencies.

For example, Sunwest supports a major national food service company with strategic corporate communications counsel and effective program implementation. For more than 12 years, we’ve helped guide them through the sale of the company, various divestitures and acquisitions, the closure of plants and the opening of new ones, regulatory challenges and product introductions. This support includes media relations, crisis communication planning and implementation, industry relations issues counsel and community relations programs.

At times, companies find themselves in crisis situations or faced with the task of navigating through difficult circumstances. Every crisis situation is different, yet our focus remains constant – gather the facts, reach out to stakeholders, strongly articulate the case and emerge with the company’s reputation intact.

We’ve supported dozens of organizations in preparing for and managing crisis situations. These have included energy, consumer product, food service, health care and manufacturing companies, as well as nonprofit and government agencies. We write crisis communications plans, train spokespeople, and help determine how best to communicate with key audiences. We help write the appropriate messages and counsel management on how best to prevent or resolve difficult public issues.

Foundation and Nonprofit

Creating successful community relations programs has always been a core competency at Sunwest Communications.

We have provided corporations, foundations and nonprofits with innovative public relations and public affairs strategies to help them develop and support their donor base. Concurrently we build awareness and collaborate to effect meaningful change in their communities.

For example, a leading Dallas community foundation entrusts Sunwest to help them raise its awareness and reputation among donors, grant recipients and other key audiences, to create a larger constituent base. Through carefully targeted community outreach, special events and media relations, we’ve help raise their profile among a broader demographic audience.

Sunwest and a major international corporation have partnered for nearly two decades to build awareness and positive attention to the company’s social responsibility efforts while ensuring they align with the company’s business goals. Sunwest employees help the company coordinate philanthropic strategy, budgeting and community and volunteer programs. Sunwest also provides strategic counsel on national and international programs.

For a national nonprofit membership organization of minority professionals, Sunwest has helped position the organization and its education foundation as the source for engineering and technical talent. Initiatives to increase corporate sponsorships include implementing special events promotion, traditional media relations, social media, marketing collateral, speaking engagements and chapter leadership development.

We have matched companies seeking to increase their community commitment with nonprofit educational and social welfare organizations, and worked with both to ensure a long-term relationship. We’ve helped local nonprofits raise their profile in the media as they faced competition from other charitable organizations.


Sunwest’s team has nearly two decades of significant experience in technology. Representing leading public and private companies in semiconductors, telecommunications, mobile and wireless, optical components, cloud computing, enterprise software, hardware and Internet of Things (IoT).

Through a dedication to strategic counsel, value-added service and a national network of key strategic relationships, Sunwest’s team has built a trusted reputation that produces results for emerging and established companies.

Start-ups often operate in stealth mode. While this approach has its advantages, when it’s time to launch a first major product, stealth mode means very low name recognition and almost no momentum in the marketplace.

A fabless semiconductor company faced that very situation with its lean marketing group and new first product ready for launch. With a very accelerated timeline, the company needed a high profile communications program to accomplish immediate launch goals, as well as provide a solid foundation for successful, future product announcements.

The PR team provided differentiated messaging for the start-up, end-to-end communications, and meticulous execution across all communications vehicles: public relations, website, tradeshows, collateral and technical documentation. By evangelizing and gaining visibility for the company’s new innovative architecture, members of the PR team provided exceptional results while laying the foundation for the company’s ongoing, successful communications plan.

One tactic in the plan was to use the company’s existing YouTube channel and create a “home grown” video, which would resonate and be more effective with the start-up’s audience.

In another example of our expertise, a publicly traded company, highly regarded for its telecommunications solutions, wanted to raise visibility for a newly acquired business unit.

Following consolidation of some facilities and a successful asset exchange with a major customer, the PR team implemented a comprehensive communications plan to favorably announce the acquisition in an uncertain media environment by highlighting the company’s growth potential, engaging the local community and academia, and communicating its strategic importance to the company’s plans for long-term competitive advantage.

In addition to companies, the Sunwest PR team also has experience with trade associations. One such organization tasked the PR team to help them attract more members by increasing their visibility. As an association with a 10 year history, it was one of the best kept secrets in the mobile market place. We launched a full marketing and PR campaign to not only re-energize existing members and encourage more active participation, but to attract new and diversified companies throughout the mobile and wireless market as members. In less than one year, we achieved more than 11,000 positive impressions and articles for the organization and membership increased 36%. One of the first interviews secured as part of the campaign can be seen on EDACafe.


Over the past twenty years, we have been working with global companies and independents to develop and execute strategic campaigns reaching the key audiences that impact oil and gas production.

Sunwest Communications has served a major global energy company for nearly two decades, providing strategic counsel, media relations, public affairs, event planning and CSR support. Our responsibilities have spanned Texas, the United States and internationally -- from managing public relations for several CSR programs to helping design and execute ground breakings and shareholder events.

We’ve brought the same skills to bear for other oil and gas investment and operating companies, counseling them on community relations, marketing, reputation management and media relations, often in a challenging business or political environments. For example, we’ve helped an independent oil and gas operator navigate through the media, while assisting an investment firm launch a new fund focused on Texas shale plays.


For consumer product companies, reinvigorating a classic brand or introducing a new product line requires a strategic and cost-effective marketing approach. Sunwest’s consumer practice, with expertise in the lifestyle and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) segment, has helped drive awareness and sales for dozens of established companies.

Our key to success is the right blend of proven editorial relationships, social media expertise and creative that highlights the product in a way that generates trial.

For example, the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of an industrial product identified an opportunity to expand into the consumer market. They called on Sunwest to help launch the new product using public relations. We rose to the challenge by blitzing key home and lifestyle media to build awareness for the line and helped identify other applications for the product.

Within the first year, Sunwest garnered 40 million media impressions. From there, our efforts led to national morning show coverage and features in top consumer lifestyle magazines along with other influential media outlets. Concurrently, we built the brand’s presence on social media. PR was the product’s only significant marketing support, yet the product sold out at a major retailer site and is now positioned for even faster growth.

Another national company sought Sunwest to help launch a new consumer line and tell the story of the extraordinary DIY advantage of its product for the homeowner. We hit the ground running with media tours to educate influential home and décor editors about the patented line of easy-to-install product.

The result? Impressive placements in esteemed décor-focused social media and some of the highest read consumer publications such as Good Housekeeping, Better Homes & Gardens and Working Mother, as well as the Today Show. The client saw an immediate impact to brand traffic online and the toll-free line. They continue to leverage the editorial endorsements to enhance their ongoing branding efforts online and in their social media campaigns.


Our work in education spans the full spectrum of institutions – early childhood, public and private schools and universities – as well as nonprofit organizations seeking to improve teaching and expand student opportunity. We help raise awareness through event creation and management, media relations and leadership counseling.

On behalf of major corporations, we guide their science, technology, education and mathematics (STEM) initiatives, working with their designated organizations to raise awareness of the critical need to attract more students to STEM disciplinesclick here to watch.

We have managed media relations in major markets in the U.S. and internationally where our clients have facilities and helped design special events that raise awareness and excite students, families and teachers. We work with local and national public officials to share the programs’ successes and foster brand loyalty.

In public education, our experience includes supporting a national educator’s group seeking to improve teaching evaluation and training, and a major urban school district to garner public support for key education related initiatives. In private education, we have developed and executed media relations, parent communication and crisis management programs for several independent schools. For universities, we have introduced new leadership and new programs to their alumni, donors, students and communities.

We’ve worked with diversity organizations, trade associations and private foundations to improve educational and career opportunities for minority professionals, especially those pursuing degrees in STEM fields. We also designed and implemented programs for middle school and high school students to encourage them toward careers in high tech.