About Us

A Global View

Sunwest Communications, Inc. is a public relations/public affairs counseling firm based in Texas serving clients around the world with strategic PR and marketing communications programs.

Right Size

Since our founding in 1982, we’ve worked with some of the world’s largest companies and some of the best known brands. And, we’ve worked just as hard and successfully for companies and organizations whose needs and opportunities are far less global, but just as important.

Strategic Approach

Our approach is smart and straightforward: We develop a cohesive strategic framework to help you achieve your business goals. Rather than a series of tactics, our comprehensive approach is designed to leave indelible impressions – rather than fleeting images – in the minds of our clients’ audiences.

Core Competency

Sunwest creates and executes public relations programs that tie into business and organizational goals. Whether that entails using traditional media relations or social media or creating employee, community affairs, or brand communications programs, or all of the above, we target the right audiences with the right message.

Our Team

We employ bright people who know their craft, who work hard and who care passionately about the success of their client partners. On your behalf, we sweat the details, avoid surprises and drive success.


Sunwest is distinguished by the active strategic and tactical involvement of experienced senior management on every account. Our seasoned leaders are intimately involved in every aspect of the public relations effort and maintain regular client contact.